President Director's Message


Toto Arianto Waspodo
President Director

Indonesia has become one of the fastest and very stable growing economies in the region nowadays, because the most of major facilities and infrastructures for industrial growth are progressing well. Truba Jaya Engineering is proud to be a major player in the country's national development, in the past, present, and in the future. We are going to head taking the role infrastructure Indonesia 2015 - 2027 which is inlined with revised PLN’s RUPTL - one of our prominent customers - and also other industrials.

For more than four decades, Truba Jaya Engineering has developed to become a strong and reliable partner to many investors as well as developers, successfully providing the clients with world class services to build their industry.

Truba Jaya Engineering has experiences in handling various high profile construction project from Project Management and Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) including fabrication and installation services in the onshore field of mechanical & piping, civil & structure work, electrical, instrumentation & control, coating & painting, insulation, start up & commissioning, maintenance services for any industry. We also have more experiences in oil storage tanks and accessories, onshore pipeline, oil and gas plant, metering system, etc.

At the moment we are working on several EPC projects with PLN such as:
  • 3 small EPC projects – The Coal Shelter Projects, located in Lontar (Banten), Indramayu and Paiton
  • 2x100 MW CFSPP, at Asam asam, South Kalimantan
  • 3x10 MW OGFPP Scattered Projects in 7 locations in remote areas like Serui, Saumlaki, Dobo, Namlea, Alor, Waingapu and Nunukan

With integrity & proper business conduct always in mind of all PT Truba Jaya Engineering personnel guiding the way we operate & lead our “Truba Group” of companies, which consist of several independently operating wholly owned subsidiaries and associate, where each offers unique specialized services, had now evolved from policy into work culture that shape us to what we are now.

We wish that our contribution would add more values not only to our client alone directly but also indirectly to our country through the workmanship which provides our client’s medium for delivering their goodness to this beloved nation. Just like how we involved in power plant construction sector, where our involvement had contributed to building of more than half of all power plants in Indonesia and if all are combined could generate over 25,000 MW of electricity. Moreover, We also engaged in industrial plants all over Indonesia such as cement plant, chemical plant, coal & mineral plant, fertilizer plant and pulp & paper plant.

Today PT Truba Jaya Engineering is more than ready to take up much bigger role with your support, together with you, with our partners and with the stakeholders, as part of our effort to contribute more and more in building our nation. Thank you very much.

Toto Arianto Waspodo
President Director